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by buing paper art You are helping to clean up the streets and thoughts.

Support the idea, help to grow recycled movement, be conscieous. Recycle.
May also just donate a few coins to the cleaner who keeps changing mess into the functional arts.

PaperPetuum. Save the paper.

Paper petuum means paper forever. We can use paper over and over, again, and again, endlesly.
Like perpetuum paper.

Objects hand made of recycled paper are necessary for great interiors inhabited by the people, who like plastic free style of life and natural feeeling. Try it!

boxes full of emotions

Functional things handy and beautiful.

All paper items are tested by designer since 2004. On the photographs, there are the prototypes, but there is a great chance to have a similar like this, but new.

Conteiners and lamp made of recycled paper

Everytime different. Always indyvidual.

Each bunch of paper is special. Absolutly extraordinary, because it contains philosophical thoughts of the creator. On each scrap of paper there is an information. Local news and sales or food facts, printed ideas of some other people..

boxes full of emotions

Recycled. Life saved from waste.

Can You imagine, how many living creatures we are hurting while sending trash to my home? Rubbish, which I am throwing away in five minutes? And have to carry it around.. Stop the madness, save the paper. Paper has value of life.

revalue the paper, because it's solid


Endless possibilities in the wheel of life.

Enjoy the archives of what was done of unbleached, uncleaned paper scraps with plastic - at last most of it - removed by hand. There will be some memories, and end unfinished ideas. Paper is very tough substance, like a porcelain strong but delicate. Simply amazing....

boxes full of emotions

Fix the future. Brighten your environment.

Simply stop making a mess, clean up and recycle. It is so easy to choose things containing less materials. Paperpetuum lampshades are two materials: paper with glue plus surprise and unknown amount of substances added to paper before it get to me. I wish to start discussion about exposing those chemicals, paints and prints.. Let's make our things organic.

revalue the paper, because it's solid

feel the new

Texture. Feel the difference.

Get rid of plastic containers, with it's sticky surface and dyst collecting magnetism. Paper made items can smell with your favorite oil organic fregnance and you can't see dust on it. It's there, but it is becoming integral part of the object, notice the change after cleaning up. Antistatic.

nice in touch, warm, soft texture

save paper

make change

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Organic. Be real.

Emotions. Feel the fair trade.

Made by human enjoying her life. With peace of mind, continus meditation of love, humanity and spirituality. Made by person, who is finding happines in every moment of being here, now. Emotions from paper contain information, letters, news, packaging with smiling faces. Emotions of creation. Made by hand, by freerange human.

nice in touch, warm, soft texture

Sensitive documents to destroy?

There is no way to unmix the paper - contact.