paperpetuum logo right 2016 Collection

In my designs I am always thinking to use as litle different composit materials as I can. Mostly organic and easy recyclable.

Design the afterlife of products.

Boxes Lamps Frames

recycled paper box

Paper box in the chimney shape is perfect to hide all those chargers.

Kolorotki - paper lampshades

Change Your mood Lamps - Dress Your Lamp - easy, fast changing color lamps collection. Kolorotki.

recycled paper coasters

Protect you furniture with recycled paper coasters. Pick Your matching set.

sets of boxes

Set of blue recycled pape boxes.

sun paper desoration

Light like a fog - the Sun decoration made of paper.

Set of reccycled paper containers

Set of recycled paper containers decorated with blue stripes.

hide your chargers box with cup

Cover your wires and chargers.

small bowl eclipse

Eclipse bowl.

lamp made on bottle

Save water lamp in the Earth color.

potatoes box

Potatoe Box holds 10 pounds of potatoes.

sfere lamp wit glass beeds

Pair of Patison Shape lamp with green glass beeds.

breen bottle lamp

Bottle lamp green.

nails box

Box perfect for nails equipment - easy to use and decorative.

Lamp in shape of bruches

Lamp in the shape of tree chunk.

blue desk set

Set of coasters and three small bawls.


Why not jewelery made of paper? Its light, and amazingly unique.

egs fridge bowl

Paper bowls are great in the fridge to.

ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps with direct light.

spine lamp bottom

Lamp stand in shape of spine.

blue lamp

Blue Lamp with blue glass beeds.

mixed lamps

Mix your light - mixing lamps.

hide your chargers box with cup

Cover your wires and chargers.

natural collection

Paper containers made of cardboard recycled paper.


Recycled paper bust rack for hats.

Ceiling lamp with green bids

Ceiling Lamp made of white paper with green bids.

Disco Lamp

Disco Lamp

Mole hill shape

Mole hill shape - box or lamp?